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Go Inform It On The Hill, a computer animated singalong with verses listed below.
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Go, inform it on the hill, over the hillsides as well as anywhere.
Go, inform it on the hill that Jesus Christ is birthed.

While guards maintained their viewing o’er quiet groups by evening, behold, throughout the paradises.
There beams a divine light.

Go, inform it on the hill, over the hillsides as well as anywhere.
Go, inform it on the hill that Jesus Christ is birthed.

The guards been afraid as well as shivered when lo, over the planet.
called out the angel’s carolers.
that hailed our Saviour’s birth!

Go, inform it on the hill, over the hillsides as well as anywhere.
Go, inform it on the hill that Jesus Christ is birthed.

Down in a lonesome manger the modest Christ was birthed,.
as well as God sent our redemption that honored Xmas morn.

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