Self-reliance Day and also the Background of the American Flag (Cool College)

To commemorate Self-reliance Day on the Fourth of July, Mister Histor is back to educate you the background of the American Flag! Allow’s dance back in time to the 1700 s, when George Washington went across the Delaware river, the Declaration was created, and also Betsy Ross stitched the very first American Flag! What background lesson do you wish to listen to following? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below! And also subscribe so you’ll never ever miss out on a Cool College episode every Friday!

Tale Time with Ms. Booksy–
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ABCs Letters of the Alphabet Track–
Scientific research and also Mathematics with Prof. Skience– uSGvIf2gU & checklist= PLmXIvUqK8z1Py0AnG_FO7nUrRwbTvfj5X.
Background with Mr. Histor– _ fb8AVM & checklist= PLmXIvUqK8z1PnTHiujmIKEHyHZyHgNQdz.
Songs with Ron Obtains It Incorrect– tGQ0g_m7.
Art with Sir William–

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  1. United States actually have two national flags: one for military government and another for the civil. Each one has fifty stars in its canton, and thirteen red and white stripes, but there are several important differences.
    Although most Americans think of the Stars and Stripes as their only flag, it is actually for military affairs only. The other one, meant by its maker for wider use, (peacetime), has vertical stripes with blue stars on a white field.
    The U.S. government hasn't flown the civil flag since the Civil War, as that war is still going on. Peace has never been declared, nor have hostilities against the people ended. The government is still operation under quasi-military rule.

    If you are going to teach something, then teach is correct and stop brainwashing children.

  2. Betsy Ross creating the first American Flag is a legend. She DID indeed sow AN American Flag, but not THE American Flag. Plus, Betsy's grandson even said this which can be found in Betsy Ross's house in Philladelphia:
    The search was fruitless as might have been expected, as to the finding of any matter throwing light on the origin of the design, and the making of the flag. It was not fruitless in this, however, that it establishes the fact that no such history there exists; a fact not heretofore definitely stated.

  3. Video, started out good, but then I was sadly disappointed. It has not educational value, or historical facts. George Washington first flew the Grand Union flag that was 13 stripes with the Union Jack (British flag) in the top left. The Betsy Ross flag was never an official flag and was only used for a year. I could go on and on about the lack of actual facts in this video. Very disappointed, I was really hoping this one would be great.

  4. This is actually a good video explaining Betsy Ross and if she had sewed the first American Flag, … but it needs to say when she sewed the American Flag, … otherwise it's a good video. B) except that it has the subscribe here ad on it… I really think the video shouldn't have it on, and should catch our attention. I'm not saying it's not a good video.


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