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James witnesses the success at Saratoga while eyelashed to a Hessian soldier. Sarah exists for Benedict Arnold’s heroics.
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2 adolescent press reporters cover the occasions of the War of independence for Ben Franklin’s paper, The Philly Gazette. James, an American homesteader, brings the rebels’ viewpoint to life while Sarah, a young Englishwoman stranded by destiny in The U.S.A., provides us the British perspective in her letters to her mom back in London.

In Paris, Ben Franklin develops solid polite bonds with France, The U.S.A.’s very first as well as staunchest ally. Captured on other sides of the hostilities, Ben’s adolescent press reporters face the actual, physical threats of the problem, compelled to select in between their relationship as well as their nations, their understanding of wicked as well as great, as well as the ethical issues of battle.

All the while attempting to care for troublesome Henri, an immigrant French kid whose amusing adventures regularly bring about problem, as they demonstrate to the peaks of the American transformation.


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  1. I used to watch this when I was in school and I remember that every time the theme song came on, some kids in my class started doing this strange dance and it got to the point where everyone in the classroom was doing it. I really love the show!


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