About Us

ChristianKids.Club is a website maintained by Smyrna Development Partners, LLC, a non-profit located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. The purpose of ChristianKids.Club is to provide Christian families with videos, movies, songs, crafts and games which can be used with their younger children. The videos, movies and songs are all biblically based while the crafts and games are geared to younger members of your family.

The visitors to the website rate the various videos, crafts and games so the rankings provided are based upon the visitors to the website. We encourage the users of the website to comment on the various videos to assist other users in selecting the best resources at our site.

The website is geared to assist mothers and fathers with some resources that can assist them in educating their children in a Christian Worldview. Parents who wish to build their Christian worldview can visit one of our sister sites at Christian Worldview Institute.

Please feel free to recommend any videos that you believe would be helpful to our subscribers to better understand scripture or our culture today. You can do this by filling out the form found on the “Contact Us” page on our website.

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